Monday, April 23, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/23

From John Jackson/Chicago Sun-Times:
Worse, Garnett has the right to opt out of his contract after next season, and there's rampant speculation that he will do just that and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent.

Because of that opt-out clause, many NBA observers think McHale should trade Garnett this summer to ensure the team doesn't lose him without getting anything in return.

From Frank Isola/NBC Sports:
A person close to Garnett maintains that unless the All-Star asks owner Glen Taylor to trade him, he will remain in Minnesota. And yet, Garnett's actions suggest that he would rather be anywhere else than the Twin Cities.

Flip Saunders on similarities between Garnett and Orlando's Dwight Howard:
"I know when I had Kevin Garnett when he was younger how much better he was after his first playoff run and how he was the following year when he got into the regular season," Saunders said. "He improved drastically and Dwight's going through the same thing. He's going to be a lot better Monday night, he's going to be a lot better on Thursday (for Game 3) and a lot better on Saturday (for Game 4). He's going to be a lot better every game."

Kevin Garnett cake and pic courtesy of the lovely Sarah Johnson.