Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/3

Using specific criteria and acknowledging that its list "will surely raise some eyebrows," Forbes ranks Kevin McHale as the best general manager in all of the major national sports leagues. Click here for the complete list.

McHale has guided the Timberwolves to eight playoff births and a .539 regular season winning percentage--more than double his predecessor’s .244. Winning improvement under McHale has been so great that it offset a 19% rise in salary against the NBA's median payroll during his 11 years as GM.

Sam Smith on KG's tenure with the team:
It seems clear given their inability to do so thus far, several lon-term contracts backed up and a lack of draft picks, the Timberwolves are in no position to make any progress any longer with Garnett. But the window may have closed to keep from going to the bottom, with or without him.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Wolves center Mark Blount shot just 39.3 percent in his first five games after the all-star break, with the Wolves going 1-4. He averaged 10.6 points and 4.4 rebounds after he averaged 22.8 points and seven rebounds in the previous four games.

Wittman said defenders are closing out quicker on Blount, a midrange jump shooter.

Eric Neel/ESPN Page 2 on what would constitute a "moral victory" for the Wolves:
If I'm Randy Wittman I'm calling a secret meeting, all Dead Poet's style, complete with robes and candles and whatnot. I'm gathering the boys in the dark of night and I'm imploring them, in hushed, solemn tones, to find some way to do more. I tell them it's not for me. I tell them it's not for them. I tell them it's not about the playoffs. I tell them it's about making the big guy feel like he's made the right call. It's about being worthy of his commitment.

Coach Wittman on the Jazz:
"What makes them good is that they have run the same basic stuff offensively for 19 years," said Timberwolves coach Randy Wittman. "That's one of the reasons they execute so well. I think they're going to give whoever they play in however many rounds a tough time. They're a team that doesn't beat themselves."