Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/28 Updates Part II

Beginning Sunday, Britt Robson will be posting at The Rake Magazine.
His new column is called "On The Ball." (via Wolves Hoops Blog)

In his last column for City Pages, Robson discusses last night's game:
Of the dozen players who saw time tonight, only two, Trenton Hassell and Craig Smith, earned their pay with a complete effort. Not coincidentally, they are also the two players with the clearest idea of what their respective roles are and how best to fulfill them.

The gentlemen at the Basketball Jones talk Garnett and the Wolves' future in today's edition of the their daily podcast.

Tony Mejia/CBS SportsLine wants to know how Kevin McHale can "stomach watching Garnett waste away due to his own ineptitude."

Joanne C. Gerstner/ The Detroit News includes Garnett in a list of 5 players who are "entering March with a dark cloud over them."
He's an All-Star stuck on another sinking ship of a season. The T-Wolves didn't swing a trade before the deadline, so he's riding out the rest of the season in Minneapolis. However, questions about his future won't stop, since he can opt-out of his contract in a year.