Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/17

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune on Rashad McCants and the mental effects of his recovery:
"You feel like you're a ghost," McCants said of the early stages of his rehabilitation. "A lot of guys I was friends with last year, you can see kind of a distant hello or what's up, something like that. And that's from KG down to Bracey [Wright]. It was hard, because I felt they turned their backs on me. But you know what? It was nothing of the sort. I wasn't playing. I wasn't really a part of the team."

Garnett says that McCants is "transcending himself" and that though he hasn't been playing, he's "tried to be a lot more connected with the team."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Injured guard Rashad McCants said he is ready to resume full-scale practices with the team this week, presumably on Thursday...

Wolves coach Dwane Casey wouldn't put a timetable on McCants' possible return, but McCants said he hopes to play during the coming five-game road trip, though that goal seems ambitious...

Marko Jaric on rumors of his discontent and team management:
"They know how I feel very well," Jaric said. "My agent knows how I feel very well. I might talk to media in the future, but so far we're winning and everything's going well for us. I don't want to be like the black sheep of the family. I don't want to concentrate on that."

Jaric also said he wanted to "try to come back as soon as possible" so that he could "be part of the team and winning now"

Some of the team were asked to name the 5 players from the league that would make their All-NBA first team. Marko Jaric and Bracey Wright were the only ones polled who left Garnett off their list. Also, it seems as if Justin Reed either misunderstood the question or has a great sense of humor. His All-NBA first team is below:
Troy Hudson, Ricky Davis, Justin Reed, Kevin Garnett, Eddie Griffin

Garnett is at #5 in's "Race to the MVP."

A preview of tonight's game against the Hawks.