Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/13

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
Wolves General Manager Jim Stack, traveling with the team, was not ready to address the issue of whether Griffin's Wolves career was over.

"Those are legal questions I can't really talk about," Stack said. "I don't know how things are going to play out yet, beyond the fact that we're very disappointed."

...Stack said there was language in Griffin's contract that addressed his past, but wouldn't offer any specifics or say whether it would allow the team to void the contract, should it want to.

Stack said he had talked to Griffin, who had expressed his regrets. "He feels terrible, as you would expect," Stack said. "I don't think he's intentionally going out of his way to do things."

Click here for Stack's official statement on the suspension.

From Rick Kamla/Living The Fantasy:
After a messy public divorce from my Wolves in mid December because of the non-trade for Allen Iverson, I am back with the team I grew up with because I received confirmation from a friend close to the team that Kevin McHale did everything he could to acquire AI. McHale was ALL IN for AI, but the Sixers went with the Nuggets for reasons we don’t have time for today...

From talking with this unnamed friend (seriously, he has no name), Foye isn't playing big minutes because Casey doesn't want to give him too much too soon and Casey seems to trust veterans like Mike James, Trenton Hassell, and Marko Jaric more than Foye.

Marc Stein/ESPN on the chances of the Wolves getting Chris Webber:
Kevin Garnett wants Webber in Minnesota, so Kevin McHale is obligated to pursue it, but that won't go any farther than a Webber-McHale chat.

A look at tonight's game against the Nets.