Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reactions to new coach Randy Wittman

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
Casey's successor, Randy Wittman, already is signed beyond this season and probably for the ensuing two years. A new contract for him as head coach will be addressed later, but it's clear that Wittman will remain as head coach heading into the 2007-80 season.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Wittman's direct communication and approach could be a strength in Minnesota, though it was perceived by some Cleveland Cavaliers players as a detriment during his two seasons as the coach there.

"He wants us to be, you know, less joking around and more serious," forward Craig Smith said of Wittman. "He wants us to be game ready."

KG on Wittman as coach:
"I think Randy would tell you things to get you going and what we say 'keep it all the way real,' " Garnett said. "Sometimes players need that. Randy's real straightforward, not in a negative way. He's very good at getting you to recognize when something's wrong, if you don't want to recognize it yourself. That's A to Z, myself all the way through the rookies."

Marko Jaric wants a coach who will show him some love:
"At least somebody else, a new person, is in the coaching job," Jaric said. "So you say, 'I might -- I might -- get a chance.' We'll see. I am open-minded and I am ready. But I've learned so far that I can't trust anybody. Everybody's saying how much they love you, how much they need you. I say, you know what, show me how much you love me. So we'll see."

Casey on his feeling towards Wittman:
"Oh, no, no, Randy had nothing to do with it," Casey said. "He was a great assistant. He did a great job for me. He's loyal and everything. So, no, he'll do a good job.

Bobby Knight on Randy Wittman:
"You could make a comparison that Krzyzewski understood what I wanted done and how we wanted to play, and therefore, I think Randy has a great understanding of what it takes to win and what causes you to lose," Knight said. "Those are the most important ingredients a coach can have, is understanding what it takes to win and what you've got to eliminate to keep from losing.