Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sonics respond to Dwane Casey news

Henry at True Hoop links to an article from Sonics' play-by-play broadcaster David Locke in which Locke says he finds Casey's firing "hard to believe."

True Hoop also points out a post from Seattle Weekly's Mike Seely that has the writer calling for Casey to replace Sonics' coach Bob Hill asap.

Hill says about Casey:
"Maybe ownership and management thought they should be better than that. I don't know. On the surface, is it fair? No. I am sure he was working hard and he was a good coach."

Sonics' Ray Allen reacts to the news:
"It's tough because Casey's always been a good guy and he deserved to be a head coach in this league," Sonics guard Ray Allen said. "You hate to see that for him. But underneath, what went on or goes on, we don't know what type of relationship he had with his players. And they lost four in a row. It's unfortunate in sports. But he'll still coach, obviously."

It's sort of like college," Allen said. "It all depends on the situation. The question is whether Minnesota was a good job. Flip Saunders was there for a long time and they won but they never really went deep. I think everybody in that situation looks for someone to blame, and it's usually the head coach."

The News Tribune talks to some of the Sonics about the firing:
That seemed to be the consensus, that internal problems with the organization must have been brewing because on the surface Casey did not seem to deserve to be fired, even though the Wolves – who visit the Sonics on Friday – have lost four in a row and the team recently suspended Ricky Davis for leaving the bench in the middle of a game.