Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reactions to Dwane Casey's firing

KFAN's Dan Barreiro refers to Dwane Casey's dismissal as "morally speaking, the most gutless, pathetic, off the charts, inexcusable moment in sports history in this town." Barreiro focuses his disgust on Kevin McHale and owner Glen Taylor. It is a must listen to segment and you can do so by clicking here.

You can also listen to Barreiro try to narrow down McHale and Taylor's top 5 biggest blunders which he believes to be the following:
1) Joe Smith, 2) Mike James, 3) Ndudi Ebi, 4) Marko Jaric, 5) William Avery

WCCO provides video of McHale's press conference on firing the coach for a team that he feels is playoff bound. McHale stated that "the success of the team starts with me and ends with me." He also says, "we'll be looking at possibly some roster moves and some other stuff."

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune on the press conference:
The unmistakable sense McHale gave was that he'd been thinking about this for a while, riding the roller coaster with a team that could do a complete 180 in only four quarters.

Britt Robson/City Pages calls Casey "a class act, a man of enormous personal dignity" and says that he had "gotten a team with .500 personnel to play .500 basketball. "

Can't Stop The Bleeding posts an article in which WCCO's Mike Max says a source told him Casey was fired because "he lost the team." The source also tells Max that "Kevin McHale did not endorse Casey to be the head coach when he was hired."

John Hollinger/ESPN believes Casey's firing is "one of the season's more puzzling events":
Can anyone remember the last time a coach took a team that was expected to be lottery-bound, had them at .500 and in line for a playoff spot at the halfway point of the season in a very tough conference, and got fired anyway?

Lang Whitaker/SLAM Online comments on the firing:
A couple of weeks ago I was talking with someone familiar with the inner-workings of the NBA and was told that Dwane Casey probably wouldn’t last much longer in Minnesota. I was told he was nearly released a few weeks back, but then the Wolves went on a 10-3 run to ring in the New Year.