Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Garnett, Flip, and local media on Casey and Wittman

McHale on the decision to fire Casey:
"It had been discussed off and on," McHale said. "Every time you thought, well, geez, I just don't know if this is going to go, we'd turn around and win three or four. 'All right, here we go again. We got something going.' Then we'd turn around and lose three or four in a row... . 'What the hell? Where are we at?' "

Garnett on Casey's dismissal:
The focus is us winning. Not taking steps back. Let this motivate us. Coaches get you ready, they set the game plan, but players win games. "We feel a sense of responsibility in ourselves. When someone in the family leaves, it's not one person, it's on everybody."

Garnett on Randy Wittman as interim coach:
Within the pecking order, you have certain limits. Case, we all understand, was the captain of the boat. Now he's moved on. Maybe Randy can see some other things that he can include, not just on offense but in the game, period, and he can now voice those opinions.

Garnett also said about Wittman:
I think he'll be a real good fit for this team. Not in a negative way, but he's real straight forward.

Flip Saunders weighs in on the firing:
"The next Timberwolves coach better look out when he goes to Utah," Flip Saunders, who previously held the job, joked in a telephone interview Tuesday. Saunders had lost a game in Salt Lake City on Feb. 11, 2005, then was fired the next day after 10 seasons and eight consecutive playoff appearances.

Dan Barreiro also blogs about it:
The 600 First Avenue Country Club, an elite, snobby and dysfunctionally inbred group, is alive and well: Glen Taylor (owner), Kevin McHale (vice president), Randy Wittman (head coach), Kevin Garnett (superstar) and Rob Babcock (front office), not to mention Glen Taylor's sons-in-law.
The always-classy, dignified, Dwane Casey got booted out the back door.

Patrick Reusse thinks Casey was fired because McHale wanted a "tactician" in the role of head coach.

Tom Powers and Bob Sansevere both write on how Coach Casey was not the problem with the team.