Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Garnett on Iverson trade

KG said he was a "little bit" disappointed that Iverson did not end up in Minnesota.
"That's pretty much how it goes around here," Garnett said. "I've learned not to put too much belief and hope in things until they're concrete and done. ... It would have been a very, very nice Christmas present."

"But it is what it is," Garnett said.

Garnett also commented on A.I. and Carmelo playing together:
"It's going to be real interesting to see the two top scorers on one team with one ball," Garnett said. "I'm looking forward to watching them play. Denver has a fun style to play against. I know Andre Miller [traded to the 76ers] made a lot of things easier for those guys. I know 'A' is going to make it easier for Carmelo, knowing you have to attend to another scorer. So things should open up.

"As a fan, I'm looking forward to watching them play. As a competitor, I'm looking forward to playing against them."