Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wolves 97, Raptors 100

From Britt Robson/City Pages:
So with 10:51 left to play in the game and the Wolves up five, 78-73, on the road in Toronto, coach Dwane Casey crosses all of his fingers and toes in fruitless hope and decides to rest Kevin Garnett for the first time in the second half. You know the rest: 3:13 later, KG is rushed back in because the Wolves have failed to score, ceding the lead via a 7-0 Raptors run. Ricky Davis misses a pair of jumpers and turns the ball over. Randy Foye blows a layup. Marko Jaric jacks a brick. It's the second half, so Mark Blount disappears. And Mike James is next to KG on the bench, waiting for his chance to prove that he's not ready for prime time.

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"We'll figure it out, man," Garnett said. "We'll figure it out someday."