Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mike James Updates

Mike James's wife, Angela, was expecting to give birth to the couple's third child today. Coach Casey says James is still planning to play in Friday night's game.

In an article on the Wolves site, Angela talks about when she and James started dating :
“We were really good friends first,” she said. “Then one day he just said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ He actually said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend!’ And I said ‘Yeah!’ Then he asked, ‘Can I kiss you?’ It was like we were 10 [years old]. I said yeah and we tried to kiss and we bumped teeth... so that’s our story. We were all nervous. We were like two kids.”

The Toronto Sun on Mike James and Wednesday's game:
There was a moment during a break in the first half when Raptor coach Sam Mitchell summoned T.J. Ford to the sidelines for a word. Mike James, Ford's shadow this night, came over as well and stuck his ear into the conversation.

Mitchell just continued to talk to Ford as if James wasn't there but from the fake-pain expression on James' face, and the smirk on Ford's, you knew Mitchell was talking a little smack for James' benefit.

A fan sitting close by, a guy who obviously watched James in action for the Raptors last year, called out as James walked away, "Hey Mike, what's that? Ya never listened when you were here, anyway."

True as that statement might be, that's as close as you'll get to harsh criticism of James in this space. The guy has never pretended to be a true point guard. He's a shoot-first, ask-questions-later kind of guy and there were plenty of nights during last year's sorry Raptor season when he was all they had.

Rob Babcock made a lot of mistakes as general manager but Mike James for Rafer Alston wasn't one of them.