Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Updates Part II

The Pioneer Press has more info on the most recent DWI for the man charged with killing Malik Sealy.

Garnett had Stephen Jackson's back during yesterday's game in Indiana:
"Stephen's my guy, man," Garnett said. "He's survived in this league. To see some of the things he's been through, it's unfortunate. I just wanted to go hug him and tell him that, y'know, 'we love you, man. Guys got your back, man. Whatever you need, you call me. Whatever I can do to help, I'm there.' "

Each time Jackson entered the game, there was a loud mix of boos and applause from the Indiana fans. Garnett made sure to clap. "I root for the underdog. I root for Rambo. I root for the rebel," he said.

Steve Aschburner pokes fun at Garnett for being so enthusiastic about his teammates during the preseason:
"I love everybody on this team," Garnett said. "I wish we could keep everybody, from [Paul] Shirley to myself. We have a great group of guys here that are meshing and clicking. I know it's a business at the end of the day, but I'm enjoying everybody here."

Vin Baker dislocated his pinkie finger, T-Hud made it through an entire workout despite twisting his knee last night, and Mad Dog's left knee is bothering him. None are expected to miss any time.

John Hollinger/ESPN ranks everyone in the NBA. Garnett comes in at # 6. You can also check out the player efficiency rating of the whole team.

Ryan at HoopsAddict continues his training camp rundown by talking to me about Mike James and the team. You can listen to it here.