Monday, October 16, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/16

Mad Dog and Mike James talk about players who carry guns.

T-Hud talks about the upcoming season:
"A lot of people out there say, 'He can't be a pure point guard, he's not a pure point guard, he's not a leader,' " Hudson said. "So that's a challenge to me. When I see that in the papers, and I hear people saying it, I'm like 'OK, that's a challenge.' I can be a leader, it's just that God gave me the ability to score, so I've been using that, and that's kept me in the league, but this year is really a challenge to me to really see how good I can make the players around me."

Trent Hassell on the post-practice argument he had with Garnett yesterday:
"It was me and another player," he said, declining to offer a name. "KG was trying to get us together as a team, and I'm kind of stubborn when I'm mad. Then [Garnett] said something to me, and I said something to him."

Here's video of McCants talking to Mark Rosen about his rehab.

Mankato wants to know if the Wolves are coming back next year for training camp.