Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/17

Garnett on the rookies:
"I love young fella, him and Craig," Garnett said. "Nothing against Bracey (Wright) and (Rashad) McCants; those two (Foye and Smith) are really hard-working young guys. I like all our young guys. I told Randy this: He's going to be something special.

"Craig knows how to play. He's unselfish. He knows how to work off the ball. He's energetic. Those two are going to be in this league for a long time. I look forward to watching them flourish."

T-Hud wants to bring in a team to a minor league basketball association.

From the Pioneer Press:
A little birdie says that over last season and the upcoming season, the Timberwolves could lose nearly $30 million. It wouldn't be surprising for some of the Wolves' limited partners to be asked to invest more capital.

The Wolves site has a q&a with president Chris Wright and Rob Babcock.