Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wolves Updates 7/12

"I'm a Minnesota Timberwolf, and I'm excited about being a Minnesota Timberwolf," James said during a phone interview. "It's just, wow, it's cold! I can deal with the cold, though. I'm from New York. I've got a Hummer. I'm good. I can get through the snow."

KFAN's highly entertaining interview with Mike James is available online. It is a must listen.

Though the Blazers' Kevin Pritchard says there "is no imminent trade involving Darius Miles," PA from KFAN hears that a Jaric and Mark Madsen for Miles trade is a few weeks away.

Paul Shirley's most recent blog entry talks about playing for the Wolves in the summer league:
As usual, I have pledged to myself to be the least cool basketball player. I will continue to ask my teammates about their lives outside of the sports world. Most likely, my questions will be met with stone-faced stares and unintelligible responses. But, if I can keep anyone from putting a shotgun in his mouth, I will have contributed something.

Rick Kamla thinks the Wolves should have kept Brandon Roy.

Isaiah"J.R" Rider is in more trouble after being arrested for felony cocaine possession on Sunday.