Monday, July 10, 2006

Waiting For James

Carnival Of The NBA #32 is up at Need4Sheed.

Mike James has a meeting with the Mavs today and could make his decision on where he's heading tonight. Until he does so, GM Jim Stack says the team isn't going to make any moves.

Darius Songaila and Reggie Evans are among the other free agents in whom the Wolves are interested.

Marc Stein named Randy Foye his maiden Rookie Of The Year nominee and another ESPN report on the summer league referred to Foye as "the early favorite" for the honor.

According to Sid Hartman, T-Hud's ankle is not healing and there's doubt as to whether he'll play next season.

The Wolves sent Eddie Griffin home on Saturday after a week of practice with the summer league team, telling him he needs to get in better shape. They probably also mentioned something about staying out of trouble which might be why he's no longer in Vegas.

Ricky Davis took part in a charity basketball event for the Baron Davis Foundation and Paul Pierce Truth Foundation, both of which benefit underprivileged inner city youth.

Rex Champman talked with the Nuggets owner at the summer league this weekend but says he hasn't been officially approached by the team about their GM vacancy.