Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mike James Interview On KFAN

In what was the most entertaining interview I've ever heard, Chad Hartman just finished up talking to Mike James on KFAN.

James said that three teams offered him 4 year deals. One of those teams included a trade kicker and an option after the third year. According to James, that's the team with whom he's going to sign.

James also said KG called him today and told him he'd love to have him in Minnesota.

James talked about his wife being with him through all of his struggles and mentioned that she was "sleeping with the enemy." As he spent a lot of the interview referring to himself in the third person ("No one wanted to roll the dice on Mike James"), I've got to assume that he's the "enemy."

The best part of the interview had James comparing himself to a cheap prostitute, saying everyone wanted to use him for his goods but no one wants to spend the money to take him on a date.

No matter how hard Hartman tried to get him to say he was committing to the Wolves, James refused to announce his decision.

I just really hope that KFAN posts that interview on their site.

(Update: Hartman just said James has agreed to announce his selection on KFAN at 4:05pm)