Monday, July 24, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

Fred Hoiberg underwent "painful but successful" surgery last week to fix some issues caused by his open-heart surgery.

Both Sid Hartman and The Pioneer Press are reiterating rumors that the Wolves are interested in acquiring free agents Reggie Evans and Lorenzen Wright but Hartman says the price tag might be too high.

Mike James and Trent Hassell have been taking part in the Howard Pulley pro-am league. Coach Casey was "impressed with James' ability to drive to the basket and shoot from the outside."

According to Hartman, the organization is questioning if T-Hud will be able to play this season and if not, the Wolves would like to "have him retire, collect the insurance, and trade him..."

Wolves Watch also has some ideas of what to do with Hudson.

10,000 Takes is writing some pretty awesome poetry.

Carnival Of The NBA #33 is up at Perkolators-CelticsBlog.