Friday, July 21, 2006

Wolves Updates 7/21

Wolves GM Jim Stack says the decision to sign Mike James rather than give Marcus Banks a more lucrative contract was based on the need for "a more immediate impact at the point."

"We felt that Marcus could come along, that he had all sorts of potential," Stack said. "[But] we felt he needed to grow in some areas -- not that he couldn't. But we felt we couldn't get left holding the bag. Mike James, we all felt, was more ready to play that spot. ... We felt we got a guy who has proven he could start in the league. He brings a swagger with him."

The Wolves held a "power lunch" for season ticket holders during which McHale said:
“We’ve got trade talk going with a couple teams, said McHale. “We’re trying to add another piece, but I was really happy that we were able to get what I felt was important for our team which was a guy to stretch the floor, and a veteran guy. We got them both in Mike James.”