Thursday, July 20, 2006

Banks Hurt At James Signing

Marcus Banks' dad says that while his son had a good relationship with McHale and Casey, Wolves officials weren't very friendly with them at the Vegas Summer League games.
"It wasn't a good place to talk business, but I thought they should have been more enthusiastic."

According to his dad, Banks was upset about the Wolves signing Mike James with their full MLE.
"Believe me, he was hurt," Arthur Banks said. "I couldn't get him out of his bedroom for about two or three days. He's a really strong competitor. He's not bitter at Mike; he played with him in Boston."

Still, Banks is going to a contending team that offered him more money than the Wolves could or should have.
"If I'm going to sit behind anybody, I don't mind sitting behind Steve," Banks said Tuesday. "I'm super excited. We're going to have some fun in the sun."

"I'm going to a great group of guys who know how to win," Banks said.