Friday, June 30, 2006

Randy Foye

Randy Foye's heart is on the right side of his chest according to some league sources.
"The doctors say it's like looking in a mirror," says an Eastern Conference executive who received a briefing on Foye's condition.
Cardiologists told Foye's camp that "the rare condition posed no physical risk."

Steve Aschburner says Foye "could ooze street cred from every pore but chooses, instead, to walk away from it."

Sid Hartman on the draft:
But Foye was Kevin McHale's choice. The Wolves might have picked up as much as $1 million by tricking Portland into thinking they were going to keep Roy, whom Portland wanted badly, and were able to work a trade to get Foye and the money. The Wolves' scouting report concluded Roy was a solid player, but team officials thought Foye was quicker and more explosive.

Foye, who wore #2 at Villanova, will be wearing #4 with the Wolves as Malik Sealy's #2 is retired.