Friday, June 23, 2006

Mad Dog Shows Off His Moves

Mad Dog was dancing with Viking Ryan Hoag and "putting on a good show" at a fundraiser last weekend. You've got to give the dude credit. He knows his moves are fodder for multiple jokes yet he'll still get up on stage and dance in front of a bunch of people while completely sober.

The Dog also took some time to post his thoughts on Mark Cuban:
I'm also glad that Mark Cuban is part of the NBA. I look at what Mark Cuban has done for the Dallas Mavericks franchise and it is nothing short of miraculous. When we go to the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, it feels like a college atmosphere with people painting their heads, bands playing, and a bunch of "texas" people on the front row with big old cowboy hats and boots. It's an awesome place to play with great fans and I think Cuban has been a big part of that.

The Wolves are partnering with BOB 106 FM, the station that also carries the Lynx games. I turned on the station just in time to hear a Patty Loveless song. Their tag line is "Total Country, Bob 106."
Mick Anselmo, the Clear Channel exec who runs former Wolves radio partner KFAN, says that Chad Hartman won't be allowed to both host his show on KFAN and continue doing the play-by-play for Wolves' games on a different station.

Wolves GM Jim Stack on rumors that he's going to be an assistant to Isiah Thomas:
"I'd like to be here. The Timberwolves are aware that I have a relationship with Isiah," Stack said. "But my focus is here."

Killer Crossover Mock Draft Day 4 with picks 13-6 is up at Hoops Addict. The blogs making these picks are, The City, Give Me The Rock, Killer Crossover, HoopsAddict , and this site choosing the 6th pick for the Wolves.