Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taste Of The Timberwolves

A friend and I were lucky enough to attend Taste of the Timberwolves, a fundraiser for the FastBreak Foundation, on Friday night. The event consisted of live auctions (game of horse with Ricky D and a trip on the team plane to see the Wolves play the Nuggets were two of the items), silent auctions (Steve Nash jersey, KG autographed memorabilia, and more), great food, poker tables, and lots and lots of alcohol. Unfortunately, I took full advantage of the latter which made for an interesting though somewhat embarrassing evening.

Playing poker with Hassell. Thanks to the dealer, I beat him in two games but, alas, we weren't playing for money. He spent a lot of time talking to my friend about Three Six Mafia.

I told Casey that "I defend you to everyone I know." Fortunately, he took the mixed compliment in stride.

McCants graciously posing with me after I knocked him over giving him bunny ears while he was taking another picture.

KG says- Didn't I already get my pic taken with you?

I told the dance team that while their job was demeaning, I really respect what they do. I also talked about the number of "dancers of color" on the squad. That conversation wasn't as short as it could have been and didn't come across as I'd intended which made for some awkward moments. Nevertheless, they were excellent sports. Uncomfortable moments for my date aside, it was an awesome night. (Thanks to Kate for help with the pics.)