Sunday, February 26, 2006

Garnett Ejected, Wolves Still Get A Win Over Grizzlies

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences has announced the results in the category of best actor in a leading role. The winner is:

(Screen capture from dontfineme on KFAN Rube Chat)

During the third quarter of the game against Memphis, KG was called for an offensive foul and, reacting to the call, softly hit the ball into the stands. On the receiving end of the ball was the face of the only person in the Target Center besides the Grizzlies who didn't want to be approached by KG. The dude acted as if he'd been hit by Mike Tyson and was very ungracious in accepting Garnett's apology although it was clear to all that there was very little force behind the ball. The dude was carted out of the game to a well deserved round of boos. KG received a technical and was ejected from the game. To make matters worse, there was a little girl with the guy who was visibly upset by the events.

"By no means was I trying to hit a fan," Garnett said. "If anything I was trying to get a delay of game. Unfortunately, it happened. I apologized to the little girl and her father."

The organization apologized as did KG (again) before leaving the arena. Click here for a video clip of the incident.

Without the Ticket, Ricky Davis helped lead the team to their first victory since the all-star break with a final score of 105-99.