Monday, July 30, 2007

Reactions to potential Garnett deal

Dan Shanoff thinks a Garnett to Boston deal would be a "win-win situation."
This team was desperate to move on and equally desperate to launch a youth movement that actually gives its fans hope through the lean times, looking toward a brighter future. Al Jefferson and Randy Foye form one of the best young big-small combos in the league. Gomes is solid. Green has potential. Telfair brings sizzle. Add in T'wolves draftee Brewer and rehabbing McCants, and if nothing else, the T'wolves can adapt to the entertaining up-tempo trend sweeping the league...

From Randball:
Jefferson is obviously the key piece. He averaged 16 ppg and 11 rpg last season. He averaged 19.7 ppg in March and 22.3 ppg in April, and he has the chance to be very, very good. Green is a wild card. He’s only 21 and is extremely athletic. He could be an athletic 15-18 ppg guy or he could fall off the face of the earth. Ratliff has a giant ($11 million) contract that comes off the books after this season; Telfair still has potential but he’s a hype over production guy. All three of the younger guys have reasonable contracts that involve qualifying offers and team options after this season. Gomes? Who cares. Two future No. 1 picks? With KG, Pierce, Ray Allen and Jefferson in the East, the Celtics would at least be middle of the pack. Don’t bet on those picks being in the lottery.

NBA Fanhouse roundtable discussion on a potential trade.

From Wendell Maxey/Hoopsworld:
But what does this mean for Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, and Rajon Rondo if the deal goes down?

Simply put the only thing that would change is their uniform and area code. All three would likely start for Minnesota, a team constantly influx out West. Good, bad, or otherwise, the Timberwolves receive a near All-Star in Jefferson, a one-time shot blocking force in Ratliff, and a young upcoming point guard in Rondo.

From Jeff Clark/Celtics Blog:
I am sorry to see Jefferson have to leave a team that would have included the two best players he’s ever played with (Pierce/Allen) only to have to join one with his old teammates Ricky Davis and Mark Blount. Jefferson took some not-so-subtle jabs at those two on their way out. If he’s lucky, McHale will be able to dump them off for picks and cap room as well.

From Tony Mejia/CBS Sportsline:
Garnett's big ticket out of town has resurfaced. It might not be Phoenix, but there's talent in place and an opportunity to win immediately. Sadly, one of the best power forwards in NBA history has become as much of an afterthought as the most celebrated franchise in the game.

A union might just be enough to make Boston fans look up from the baseball standings as October approaches. Only Garnett's approval stands in the way.