Monday, July 30, 2007

Marc Stein on KG trade kicker

Marc Stein/ESPN explains the following four points in relation to KG's trade kicker.

1) Garnett only has a limited ability to waive his trade kicker. He can't just waive it to make a trade easier -- even if he wanted to -- no matter what you've heard or read...

2) Garnett is one of only a handful of current players whose trade kicker causes such havoc.

3) If a Garnett trade had been completed before July 1, Garnett's trade kicker would have been charged in equal amounts to Boston's payroll last season and next season at $3.375 million each. Completing the deal after July 1 requires Boston to charge the entire $6.75 million to its 2007-08 payroll.

4) The longest extension Garnett can sign with the Celtics is a four-year deal. Garnett has two seasons left on his current contract and the total -- contract plus extension -- can't exceed six years.