Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wolves 94, Grizzlies 116

Kevin Garnett and all but an estimated 14,000+ people (an exaggerated number and most were gone by the second half) decided to skip last night's season finale at the Target Center.

The guy with the sign was one of two people booted from the game for walking around with anti-McHale signs late in the 4th quarter. The other guy kicked out was also wearing a "Fire McHale" t-shirt. From the way they were handled by security, you would have thought they were buying underage girls alcohol at a sold out Slayer show instead of providing 30 seconds worth of entertainment during a lackluster game in an almost empty arena.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
After a 116-94 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at Target Center, Wittman was clear about what the 32-50 team needs: "A shakeup, I think. The roster is unbalanced a little bit. We don't have bigs that can guard bigs. A lot of different things need to be done. We have to find guys that are caring for one another, that are playing for one another. I just don't think we have that mix together right now."

Team record: 32-50

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"We have to find guys who are caring for one another and [want] to play with one another," Wittman said. "I just don't think we have that with this mix of guys right now. These games are hard to play. You play them for pride as an individual. They showed me who had pride and who didn't down the stretch here."