Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/12

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
The point is, like the rest of us, Garnett is sick of this season, tired of the same old April bullshit, tired of hearing for the past 12 months that all the team needed was a tweak or two, then that all the team needed was some consistency, then that all the team needed was better chemistry--and when all that dense delusion was exposed as being clueless wishful thinking, THEN hearing that McHale and Wittman were probably coming back.

According to Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press, owner Glen Taylor "wouldn't confirm" that Kevin McHale or Randy Wittman would return next year.

"What I've said to everybody is that I always wait to the end of the season, but I don't have any reason not to (believe that McHale will return)," Taylor said. "We just don't talk about it until the end of the season. I can't confirm that he is (coming back)."

Michael Rand/Star Tribune has a q&a with team president Chris Wright.

Craig Smith on the first start of his NBA career:
"It was pretty exciting (to start). You get to hear your name announced, so that was like a dream come true. When you're a little kid you always want to hear your name get announced, especially in the top league in the world. So it was very exciting and I was happy to get the opportunity."

KG on Dirk Nowitzki and the MVP award:
"Anybody that can dictate the game and make an unbelievable impression on the game should definitely earn that award, and Dirk's no different," Garnett said. "Along with Steve Nash, those guys make their teams what they are."

DraftExpress on the D-League's Fort Worth Flyers:
Ndudi Ebi has played well lately as well, but the team will need better play at the point guard slot to advance past Dakota and Sioux Falls.

Jon Krawczynski/AP Sports on the team's need to keep its draft pick this year:
And given their luck - or lack thereof - historically in the crapshoot that is the NBA draft lottery, they would be wise to lose as much as possible in the final five games of the season, just to be safe.

Ira Winderman/Sporting News on the game against Cleveland:
The buzz that night in Minneapolis was how it might be time for Garnett to move on, a possibility the Timberwolves' All-Star centerpiece no longer is quick to dismiss.