Thursday, April 12, 2007

Team surprised by Garnett's injury

Coach Wittman and at least a few of Garnett's teammates said they were surprised by the extent of the player's injury. Ricky Davis, Rashad McCants, and Mike James did not find out until after yesterday's press conference announcing that Garnett would be out "indefinitely."

“He's a soldier,” Davis said. “If he's hurt, you would never know it unless something was broke or something. I just hope he's all right.”

Kevin McHale on the the pain in KG's right quadriceps:
"Kevin doesn't complain too much, but he's had a lot of pain in his right quad off and on for the last few months," McHale said. "Kevin doesn't like to miss games, but he just felt, at this point, after talking to [agent Andy Miller] that it was just better to get this thing looked at right now."

Garnett's agent Andy Miller said the decision to have KG sit out had "nothing to do with the draft pick."
"His body is obviously very sore," Miller said. "Sore beyond normal wear and tear at this point of the season. It's definitely affecting his ability to be explosive."

"I can promise you that is not the case," owner Glen Taylor said when asked if Garnett was shelved to help their lottery chances. "I did not shut him down."

According to Miller, the player is scheduled to seek a second opinion in Los Angeles today or tomorrow. McHale says that KG will miss at least one more game and will wait for word from the doctors before deciding whether to return for the final three games of the season.