Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wolves trashtalking at Wizards game

No news on the trade front concerning the Wolves but Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog has a couple funny stories regarding the game at the Wizards on Tuesday night.

On Andray Blatche saying KG was "trying to get into my head" with his trashtalking during the game:
'Dre's version of the conversation was indescribably dull; he said KG kept saying "I'm comin' at you" and "you ready?" and stuff like that, and that he [Blatche] responded by saying things like "bring it" and "show me something." When we asked DeShawn Stevenson what KG was saying, he gave a better answer: "I can't say it on TV." But we did get Blatche to rate KG as a talker: "Top 10," he said. "Top five. Top three." If we had given him a few more minutes, we would have gotten into negative numbers.

Steinberg also talks about an account of the back and forth between Ricky Davis and some heckling fans. According to the report he received, Steinberg said "the dialogue reached a point where Ricky Davis was miming what he took to be homosexual behavior, on the court, for the benefit of his Wizards hecklers."