Monday, February 12, 2007

Randy Foye says he "was not involved at all" in incident

Randy Foye issued a statement apologizing for the early morning altercation for which he received a citation. You can listen to his press conference here.

"I want to apologize to the fans and the Timberwolves organization because this is totally not me. If you read certain things, it makes it out as if I were involved (in the altercation). I was not involved at all. I wanted to make that clear and wanted to apologize to my fans out there. That's not me and it won't be me in the future, because I'm much smarter than that."

Foye also explains what happened:
I was driving and there was arguing in the back between two family members. I pulled over to try and settle them down. They got into a little scuffle, so I told them to get out of the car. I stayed inside the car, the police pulled up, and they just made sure everything was OK. They spoke to me because I was still sitting in the car. Once they spoke to me, everything was cool, and they just let us know what was going to happen. I wasn't arrested at all.

One of my family members was arrested because he didn't calm down when the cops were speaking to him so they just took him from there. I was not arrested. I was at the scene. I had nothing to do with the situation. I basically tried to stop the situation and (the police) saw me there, spoke to me and I went home.

Yes, younger cousins. People who I grew up with for 15-plus years. Two of the guys got into a little altercation and started arguing. It was among themselves. It wasn't among anyone else.