Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ricky Davis Drama

Britt Robson/City Pages on what happened after Ricky Davis was taken out of the game in favor of Randy Foye:
...Davis appeared about the bolt from the bench and head for the locker room, only to be pulled back by a teammate going back to his days in Boston, Justin Reed. As he lingered with tense body language, Bracey Wright came over and wrapped an arm around his waist and talked to him. These things deterred him for a moment, but just before play was resumed as the Wolves took to the court, Davis walked along the baseline and out the middle aisle toward the locker room. Assistant coach Rex Kalamian and then Reed soon followed. Within a few minutes, all three returned individually, with Davis the last of the trio to come back.

After listening to Coach Casey's explanation on the situation, Robson said he still felt like he was "being spun."

Steve Aschburner on what Justin Reed said to Davis:
"I told him, 'A lot of guys get unhappy,'" Reed said. "But it's between him and the coach."

Witnesses close to the bench said Davis refused to go back into the game. Casey said that didn't matter anyway - Davis, who finished with five points in 23 minutes, no longer had the option because the coach decided to stick with others.

"I just decided not to play him. I have that right," Casey said. "I didn't like his focus coming out in the third quarter. ... I decided to go with guys who were competing."

According to Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune, after the game, Ricky Davis "headed down the corridor within three minutes of the Wolves' arrival in the home locker room."