Friday, January 19, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/19

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune sits down for an interview with Coach Casey. A few of the subjects talked about include the Coach's new wife, responding to criticism, the team's inconsistency, his coaching style, and rumors about him being fired.

Mad Dog conducts Q&As with Mark Blount and Craig Smith.
Smith is asked about his role models and names his mom as the "ultimate" one:
The funny thing is she taught me the game of basketball. She used to play for Dorsey High School when she was younger. She played a lot of street ball. She wasn’t intimidated by anybody. She was a lefty. The funny thing is I didn’t beat her until I was 12 years old. I never forgot that day...I didn’t let her score. I was so focused in on beating her. After I won, she said, “Now you take that on the court and use it against your opponent.”

Stephen Litel says that immediately before Wednesday's loss to the Hawks, the atmosphere in the Wolves' locker room was "loose and unmotivated."

USA Today on Mark Blount:
If he maintains his 13.1 season average, Blount would be the highest-scoring center in the history of the franchise.

Charley Rosen/Fox Sports rates the Wolves as one of the league's "average" teams:
Like Minnesota, who will someday have to admit that while Kevin Garnett is a superstar, his lightweight game is also part of the team's problem. Indeed, it's only KG's presence that lifts the one-dimensional games of Mike James and Ricky Davis into solid mediocrity.

A preview of tonight's game against Detroit.