Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ron Artest In Town Promoting His Record

Ron Artest is making good use of his time in Minneapolis. While awaiting tonight's season opener at the Target Center, he's also locally promoting his new record, My World, which was released yesterday.

Scheduled to arrive at 1:00pm and predicted to be a no-show, Artest actually showed up an hour early at the local office of his record label/distributor to meet with the people helping to sell his album. Thanks to some very awesome friends, I was invited as well.

Artest was just hanging out, chatting, and signing cds for the office. I talked to him for a few minutes about the Kings and tonight's game and then asked if he'd pose with my Twolves claws. When he agreed, it took me by surprise. Who on earth would, without giving it a second thought, pose with paraphernalia from the opposing team in the season opener? Then I realized Artest's willingness to do so had to do with the fact that
a) he was a nice guy
b) he incorrectly assumed I was a label employee helping to sell his record.

Considering what some artists do to sell records, Artest got off pretty easily this afternoon. Hopefully tonight will be a different story.