Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/31

Britt Robson interviews Glen Taylor for the City Pages cover story this week. Some of it is already online.
Glen Taylor: Yeah, I would say that the trade with Boston was pretty complicated. Even the reasons for doing it.

CP: You mean the friction between Garnett and Szczerbiak?

Taylor: I'm just saying there was probably more to it that had to do with Wally that we have chosen not to talk about--that Kevin has never said and we have never said. I am just going to say that no matter what I say, people are going to deny it. But I would say some things came to a head that forced us to get into something we didn't necessarily want to do. I think it would have been pretty dangerous for Kevin McHale not to do the trade. That kind of thing. And that's all I'll say about that...

From The Star Tribune:
Garnett will receive the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award this afternoon at Target Center. The award, announced last spring after the Wolves' season had ended, honors a player or coach for outstanding service to the community.

IGN.com posts an interview with Foye. He talks about playing NBA Live '07:
"I just pass it to myself every time and shoot because I know when the real season starts, it's not going to be like that at all. Believe me, I have no problem passing to K.G. in real life, but in the game, that's when you'll see me put up those M.J.-type numbers."

Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune writes about Foye being a finisher that needs to get some minutes, especially late in the game.

Mark Blount spent the summer working out with a former Navy SEAL.

Coach Casey on Blount: "He is one of the best big-men shooters in the league," Wolves coach Dwane Casey said. "He is a good team defender. [But] like I've always said of Mark, we need rebounding out of him. Everything else, Mark Blount gives us."

Lang at SLAM Online previews the Northwest Division and predicts the Wolves will finish third.

From Sam Smith: Fred Hoiberg, who had to retire because of a heart ailment that required a pacemaker, said he'll probably need surgery again in the next three years to repair a heart valve. But he adds that his health is good and he is enjoying working the other side of the business as Minnesota's new assistant general manager.