Monday, October 30, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/30

WCCO posts a video of McCants talking to Garnett about things like his favorite music and tv shows and who he'd get to play him in a movie.

Glen Taylor says he won't ever fire McHale:
"It won't work that way," said Taylor, the Timberwolves owner. "I would never embarrass Kevin. We'll both agree when it's time."

On last season:
"Last year was not fun," Taylor said during the Wolves' first week of camp. "Almost every other year was really fun. The year before last, I thought that was more of a one-year blip with Sam [Cassell] and Spree [Latrell Sprewell]. I was more upset with those two people.

Golden State Of Mind predicts who will have the hottest kicks on opening night and lists Garnett as one of the players.

ESPN has their writers predict who'll be the Rookie Of The Year. Foye receives a few votes though Brandon Roy received the most.

T-Hud on his health:
"I leave it up to God," Hudson said last week. "I feel there is a reason things happen to people."
Hudson paused, then said: "I haven't found the reason yet."

Vin Baker on Eddie Griffin:
"That's more important than anything," Baker said. "If I can help this kid in the next five years by the one year or two years that I'm here with him, that would mean the world to me. It would mean more to me than any all-star team or Olympic team I've been on."

Coach Casey on Vin Baker:
"He's been an excellent leader," Casey said. "Even in a game he didn't play the other night, he was talking to the guys on the bench and giving constructive criticism."

The Wolves site posts an interview with Fred Hoiberg.

Coach Casey on his job security:
"I'm not going to coach this year worrying about losing my job," he said. "I'm worried about what I can do to help this team win. That game, that day."

From the Star Tribune:
Under an arrangement approved by the Minneapolis City Council last summer, the city, which owns Target Center, now pays for half of any operating losses the arena incurs up to a total of $1.2 million; that's not the team's financial shortfalls, if any, but the arena's red ink.