Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/28

10,000 Takes is launching "The Li'l KG Farewell Tour."

GQ Magazine declares Garnett one of the "16 Coolest Heroes In Sports." Below is some of what he says in the feature:
-"I'm not a point guard," he says. "But can I play it? Damn right."
-"A lot of people want to get respect," he says. "but they don't want to give it. It's kind of a lost art. I'm nice because I'm nice."
-"People get on my back about still being here and not winning a championship. I'm being crucified for being loyal, and that's ass-backward to me."
-"As long as the organization brings talent in here, I'm ready to rock."

KG sings the praises of Foye and Smith:
"I look forward to watching them in the future," Garnett said. "I look forward to someday falling back, retiring and enjoying watching them play the game."

Charley Rosen previews the Northwest Division.

Kelly Dwyer/ lists Garnett at #5 in his preseaon rankings of the top 20 players.

Hoiberg is throwing his support behind the Democratic candidate for governor in Iowa.

Coach Casey on Vin Baker:
"I still trust putting him out there on the floor, because he still knows how to play the game and not hurt us in any kind of way," the coach said. "He still knows what to do."