Friday, June 30, 2006

More On Grffin's Accident

Click here to watch a surveillance video of Griffin and the cops after the accident.

The Pioneer Press has more on the incident:
The owner of the damaged car, Jamal Hassuneh, and his brother, Lindsey, are suing Griffin, saying he was drunk and tried to bribe them into canceling a 911 call to police...

They say their rights were violated because officers Anderson and Lindquist improperly investigated the accident, specifically because they did not give Griffin a field sobriety test despite "conduct that made clear to witnesses at the scene that he was under the influence of alcohol."

Griffin told the Pioneer Press a day after the accident that he crashed his car because he was reaching for a cell phone that had fallen off his lap. The complaint, filed in St. Paul District Court, alleges the crash occurred because he was "under the influence of alcohol" and masturbating while watching pornography on a TV set in his dashboard.