Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wolves Updates

Despite three games in four days, the Wolves were pushed a little harder in practice yesterday:
"Our offense is ahead of our defense, so we have to go back to the defensive end," Casey said. "We can't worry about saving our legs. We have to go the extra mile right now to get where we need to be."

Banks came into practice early on Tuesday to review game tapes with Casey.
"This is a great opportunity for me," Banks said. "I'm going to take advantage of every situation. ... The main thing is I can still be taught a lot. That's why I have to do the extra stuff. Whatever I have to do, I'm willing to do."

"When he really, really learns how to play that position, he's going to be deadly," Wolves forward Kevin Garnett said.

After practice, the team headed over to the new NBA City restaurant which is scheduled to open in a few days. According to one of the restaurant trainers, they all "seemed depressed" but Madsen and McHale "were really nice." Apparently, "they all loved the food."

The Wolves are interested in acquiring the Magic's Steve Francis.

Wolves host the Sonics at the Target Center tonight.

Go to YaySports! to vote for KG over T-Mac in the semifinals of the All Star 1-on-1 challenge. It's a pretty close race so far and it would not be fitting if Ticket didn't advance to the finals.