Monday, August 20, 2007

Wolves Updates 8/20

Craig Smith on playing with Garnett:
"It was a blast to play side-to-side with a Hall of Famer and go against him every day in practice," said Smith. "He taught me so much in my first year that I think I'll be able to handle a little bit more by myself this upcoming season. I tried to steal everything I could from footwork to the way he handles different situations, the focus he brings to the game. He's going to try to take your head off [in practice], so be prepared. He's only trying to make you better. So, at the same time, step up to the challenge. Do the best of your ability and you'll earn respect that way. The Kevin Garnett you see on the court is the same Kevin Garnett you see in practice."

Roman Augustoviz/Star Tribune on the Lynx finishing the season 10-24:
The Lynx youth movement mirrors what the Timberwolves have done. Which is OK with Glen Taylor, the owner of both teams.

"Everything is a gamble, nothing is for sure," Taylor said. "I still like what I saw out here. Now we are not done. I know this team has got to get to better."