Thursday, August 16, 2007

Updates Part II

Bill Simmons categorizes sports trades:
The Herschel Walker. Remember when the Cowboys famously soaked the Vikings for a potent package of youngsters and picks? We'll never see a contender overpay quite so badly again. But GMs still love multiplayer rebuilding trades because they can't be judged for years, and that buys them time, during which they keep getting paid. One funny side effect: A frustrated fan base bristles as its incompetent brain trust spins something like the KG trade without acknowledging the elephant in the room -- namely, that the same incompetent brain trust that drove KG away remains in charge of the post-KG rebuilding effort. Now, that's comedy. Well, unless you're a Wolves fan.

From Bill Zwecker/Chicago Sun-Times:
White Soxer Scott Posednik and his wife, Lisa, were spied dining at Il Mulino Chicago on North Dearborn. Ditto for NBA star Juwan Howard and veteran travel guru Burt Wolf.

Jon Laging/Albert Lea Tribune with a belated farewell to Garnett.