Friday, August 24, 2007

Updates Part II

Battle of the Bloggers No. 2 is up at

From Dime Magazine:
The Wolves are going to try and grant Juwan Howard’s trade request. You know it’s a very real possibility that Juwan, C-Webb and Jalen could all end up on the same team? That’d be a perfect way for them to go out.

From My Fox Houston:
Former Houston Rockets star Calvin Murphy was trying to get ex-Rocket Eddie Griffin ready for an NBA comeback in recent weeks. Murphy now says he sensed something was wrong before the 25-year-old Griffin was killed when he drove around a train guard and crashed into a moving train last Friday...

Eddie Griffin's attorney on the player:
"I think it's always hard with anybody who has an alcohol problem, to tell if they turned the corner," Hollingsworth said. "But Eddie appeared to be in good shape, he was coherent, he made all of his appointments with me. Those are things that people who've turned the corner do.

"At the same time, when someone is suffering from alcoholism, it's always hard to tell what's going on in the dark hours of the night," he said.