Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More on Eddie Griffin

From Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo Sports:
From someone who knew him well Tuesday night, his was a belief there was a "strong possibility" that this was exactly how poor, tortured Eddie Griffin chose to end it all.

From J.A. Adande/ESPN:
But what we do know of Griffin is this: The stream of incidents, arrests and unsuccessful stints in rehabilitation centers allows us to list him as Exhibit A in the argument that just because you can enter the NBA, that doesn't mean you should.

Henry at True Hoop wonders "who's to blame for the sad misdirection of Eddie Griffin?" Henry also talks to Michael Ray Richardson about the player.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Dennis Seddon, Roman's coach, said of Griffin: "This is so sad. I'm really hurting right now . . . If you're trying to play Monday morning quarterback, you'd probably say Eddie's story was too much too soon with too little guidance" in later years.

From NY Daily News:
"It's just terrible," said Nets president Rod Thorn, who drafted Griffin for the Rockets in a deal arranged with Houston GM Carroll Dawson before the 2001 draft. "Eddie obviously had a lot of talent and should have had a tremendous NBA career. He could have had an outstanding career. He was a tremendous shot-blocker. But, obviously, there were things that he could never get control of. You really never knew what was going on in his mind. It's just a very unfortunate thing."

Sam Rubenstein/SLAM Online on the player's death.

Bill Ingram/Hoopsworld on Griffin.