Monday, October 02, 2006

More Media Day Action

The team announced today the signings of Vin Baker, Paul Shirley, and Tyrone Ellis to non-guaranteed contracts.

The Wolves site has posted mini-interviews with players and staff from Media Day. Below is a sampling:

This is probably the most I've been around here. I normally take off to the West Coast and travel a little bit, but this year, from the month of August, I've been here with the guys working out. We all linked up and made it work...After seeing the Twins accomplish the things that they have, they have been an inspiration, if you will. Kirby has always been my man -- rest in peace. I've always applied what I learned from him.

Mike James:
I'm a people person, and my biggest thing is that a lot of people have assumptions of who Mike James is. The reason why I like getting my word out is, instead of having an opinion about me, why don't you just ask me and I'll tell you about me. Don't come to your own general conclusion about me through somebody else's opinion. Find out about me from yourself.

Vin Baker:
I feel great. I've worked my butt off for three months in Houston, playing against pros like Emeka Okafor, Chris Wilcox and others, and I feel really good. I'm excited about camp, and I'm looking forward to it. A lot of people ask what's in my tank. I wake up just like everyone else -- excited about getting on the court and trying to go out at people...

Coach Casey:
I've known Vin for a long time, and I know that at his core he is a great person. He still has something left in his tank. He knows how to play, with his 14 years of NBA experience. He's probably done some things in his life, but we are not perfect people, and I believe in giving second chances.