Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wolves Updates 9/12

Mad Dog has high praise for Randy Foye:
I have been very impressed with our new draft choice Randy Foye!!! You are going to like what you see out there! The last two days a big group of us have been playing pickup ball at the target center. This is the first time I had met or played with Randy. I am going to tell you right now that Randy Foye is going to excite the fans at the Target Center a lot. He is a very good shooter, but most importantly, he has a floater that he seems to be able to shoot over anyone.

CBS Sportsline ranks KG as the second best power forward in the league for next season behind Dirk Nowitzki.
I can only defend placing Garnett anywhere but first on this list with the standard "his excellence hasn't delivered a Finals" response. The Timberwolves are likely to be mediocre again this coming year, though K.G. will have more help. It's a shame his career is shaping up this way, because his legacy deserves better. Garnett has consistently excelled defensively as well as offensively throughout his career, but he has only a few years left at his peak.

Stephon Marbury is scheduled to be on KFAN on Wednesday and at some local malls on Thursday promoting his shoes/clothing line.